During your stay in Sifnos it is worth to tour the island and get to know its beauties. It belongs to the western Cyclades and is located between the islands of Serifos, Kimolos and Antiparos. The highest mountain of the island, Prophet Elias, has an altitude of 680 m. It stands out for its natural beauties, its wonderful beaches and its special history. Sifnos is an island with a long history, which is reflected in the archeological sites you will see on the island. The faith of the inhabitants is revealed in the hundreds of churches and chapels that exist scattered throughout the island. They keep the traditions alive and organize festivals, where you offer food (usually chickpea or meat with potatoes) and a feast with violins and dances follows. During your holiday, it is worth attending such a feast. Meet all the villages that keep the Cycladic tradition alive. Apollonia or Stavri, as the locals call it, which is the capital of the island. As its name suggests, the god Apollo was worshipped there. The name Stavri is due to the geographical location of the city, as it is an obligatory passage - crossroads - in all directions of the island. The traditional architecture and the uniformity of the buildings impresses every visitor. Artemonas is considered one of the most beautiful villages of Sifnos. Here are most of the mansions and neoclassical villas, with beautiful gardens. The Castle with the medieval settlement. The small town of Sifnos has been inhabited since ancient times. The current form of the Castle is a typical example of the Venetian fortress architecture. Faros, the picturesque fishing village that has the most sheltered harbor of the island, as it is protected by the three capes (Lighthouse, Glyfo, Fasolou) that surround it.