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Location - Kamares

Sifnos is an island of West Cyclades, at Aegean sea in Greece.Using the links that are beside this text, you will be guided to the main villages of Sifnos island.

There are well preserved roads to all these destinations, and Sifnos car rental "Sifano" will give you all additional information you may require, as soon as you get to Sifnos Island. Information on the villages distances and the petrol stations can be found here.

The name 'Kamares' emanated from the big number of caves that existed in the rocky southern coast of bight. Kamares is the bigger coastal village and the harbour of Sifnos since the end of passed century. The central settlement unfolds in the right side of the inlet that shapes the bight of Kamares. Here it is located the dock of harbour, agencies of boats, shops, groceries, restaurants, laboratories of pastry making, pottery, rented rooms, offices of car and motor cycles renting, agency of newspapers, kiosk, private space of camp (camping) and in the western fringes of the settlement the Villas of affluent people.

Opposite, in the foot of mountain of 'Saint Simeon', it is developed the district of 'Saint Marina' or 'Pera Panta', where taverns and rented rooms exists. The two inlet of the harbour separates the sea and links the golden sandy beach.

From the older buildings of Kamares it is the temple of 'Saint George' and 'Saint Barbara' (construction 1785, renovation 1906) in the central settlement , Lantern (1896), relic from forge and the scale of mineral loading (1883) and the old dock (1909). Also it worth to visit the Church of 'Saint Marina' at 'Pera Panta', where the sunset can be seen.
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